Our winters in New Hampshire can be brutal. Don’t let another day go by hoping your furnace can handle the cold temperatures, and allow Absolute Mechanical Systems in Brookline, NH to inspect your system. We are proud to serve our community and help people save money on their energy bill. We genuinely take the time to determine what is best for you and your situation, not recommending a system that doesn’t fit your home and budget.

Heating Services We Provide:

Water Heaters

We service both types of water heaters, conventional and tankless. An average household using a conventional system spends between 20% and 25% of their total energy costs heating hot water. Meanwhile, a tankless system, while expensive to install initially, can save you up to 40% on your total hot water heating costs

Heat Pumps

This system is an efficient alternative to electric heat. A heat pump moves heat from a cool place to a warm place and works in reverse during the colder months. The cost savings comes from the system moving heat, not generating it.

Heat Pumps We Install: Rheem, American Standard, Fujitsu

Oil & Gas Furnaces

Oil and gas furnaces are the traditional option of heating and distributing air throughout your home. If your furnace is older than 10 years old, we recommend starting to think about replacing to a newer high-efficiency model to save you money. These models come with many multi-speed options that slowly ramp up the thermostat to your desired setting to help alleviate the initial cold air that’s pushed through the system.

Gas Furnace We Install: Burnham and Peerless

Oil Furnace We Install: Buderus, Biasi, Burnham and Peerless

Hybrid Heating

A hybrid system attaches a heat pump to your gas furnace and becomes a smart way to heat and cool (Link to Cooling) your home. This system will automatically react to changing conditions and select the most efficient fuel source for your home, which will save you money regardless of the season.

Ductless Systems

A duct-free system allows you to heat only the portions of the home you want. This is achieved by installing wall-, floor-, or ceiling-mounted indoor units in each room connecting to an outdoor power unit. Forced air loses temperature as it passes through ductwork, requiring your furnace to run until thermostat set temperature is satisfied.

Ductless Systems We Install: Fujitsu, LG, Mitsubishi


During the colder months, air becomes dry. Installing a humidifier will help your home feel warmer during winter and allow you to set your thermostat lower and save on your heating costs.

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